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Quick Fix


Design that creates style decks tailored to your target audience.

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Responsive web application to display on any device.

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Keeping theme, plugins and other modules up-to-date.

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App Maintenance

WP Core, Themes & Plugins Updates

App Maintenance

WordPress maintenance service starts from the update. We update all WP core files, themes and plugins every week. Our process involves a comprehensive manual check of your site to ensure there are no errors.

UI & UX Design

Design for your target audience

UI & UX Design

Our design team creates style decks tailored to your target audience. Before handing off to development, we test fully rendered clickable models to ensure that they provide a 100% positive user experience.

google analytics setup

Google Analytics and Ecommerce setup

google analytics setup

Google Analytics can give you valuable information about your website. It highlights traffic, errors and much more. We can install and provide you full access to understand how your users use your website.

CDN Services

Optimize your app accessibility from anywhere in the world

CDN Services

We connect our project to CloudFlare - the best most trusted Content Delivery Network service.
CDN helps your website load quickly regardless of your hosting location and provides an extra layer of security against a hack.

monitor downtime

Make sure your site is never offline!

monitor downtime

We use automated monitors to verify your site is online and that all main features are loaded correctly.

speed tweaks

Better user experience and Google rankings

speed tweaks

Compress your large images and organize your files and scripts to work quickly and efficiently while keeping the user interface intact. In short, speed will help user experience and Google rankings.

Our Process

Step 1


A discussion is critical to our understanding the nuances of your business. In these meetings, we'll take a 'deep dive' into your business, looking at trends within your sector, competitors, your market offerings and more.

Step 2


Based on what we discussed during our meetings (along with website analysis), we'll create a 'site map'. A site map will outline the hiearchy, structure and scope of the pages of your website.

Step 3


This is where things start to get interesting. We'll design (and publish online) static page visuals that reflect your identity, brand colours and guidelines. This is the stage where we begin to really breathe life into your website.

Step 4


Once the visuals are approved, the 'magic' starts. Most often, we use the open source WordPress CMS as a platform, on which we develop (or 'build') your website, bringing it closer to becoming an online reality.

Step 5


Debugging and Q.A are integral parts of our development process. Before we publish the website to the public, we will use it ourselves, and together with you, we will test it on multiple devices, platforms and browsers.

Step 6


Now we can go live with your website and give access to millions of potential clients. You can be sure the website works in the best possible way to promote your business and increase your revenue



An online shop for CBD based topicals.

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CBD Medic

An online shop for CBD based topicals


Complete Lice Removal Kit All-in-One Solution

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Novokid in details

Our Team

Alon Gilad

A Full Stack Web Developer with 3 years of experience in development of WP based web applications, Alon will help understanding how your business works and how to present it on the digital world and social media.

Hana Vax

A Graphic Designer with 22 years of experience in traditional design and 12 years of work in UI/UX, Hana joined our team with years of experience in technological training and design. She brings a fresh and unique perspective to each project.

Ethan Rubens

A Full Stack Web Developer with 6 years of API integrations and development of web applications. Ethan will make sure your digital solution connects to other services and integrate any new idea or any automation you require into your platform.

Lucy Davis

A Full Stack Developer expert in Angular, React and Node JS based applications. Lucy will bring the power of technology into your platform with the newest, most popular development tool to make your platform fast, powerful and yet simple to use.

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